Sawyer-George Funeral Home provides personalized services to meet the personal desires of each family. Although not a complete list, the following are available:

Traditional Service
This service includes embalming, services of Funeral Director and staff, one day of viewing hours, and the funeral service at the funeral home or local church of your choice, a register book, memorial folders, acknowledgment  cards, and the necessary automotive equipment. Your floral tributes will be displayed. You are encouraged to bring in photographs and other memorabilia to further personalize your service.

Graveside Service
A graveside service that is held at the burial site is one of several service options.

Memorial Service
A personalized memorial service can be held in our Funeral Home Chapel or a location of your choice.

Cremation with Funeral Service
We offer cremation with a Traditional funeral service, which entails embalming the body, dressing and casketing and the use of an accommodation casket. You can have a visitation the same day or the night before and have the funeral service in the chapel or a church of your choice. The only difference with this cremation package, is that the funeral home would not go to the cemetery after the service. We would then go to the crematory.

Cremation with Memorial Service
Cremation with a memorial service would include direct cremation and afterwards have a memorial service in the funeral home chapel with or without cremains (ashes) present.

Direct Cremation
Direct cremation would be without any services at funeral home. Of course you may decide to have a memorial service at any other location at no charge from us.

We also have a selection of urns or a catalog from which to choose. It is not necessary to purchase an urn if you choose to scatter the cremains.